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Visit  MoleExpert Home and MoleExpert Professional  NEW The unique tools for mole mapping and skin cancer screening in total body images! A must-have for dermatologists and skin cancer specialists. Use your own high resolution digital camera for imaging! See poster presented at the International Skin Cancer Conference 2004 in Zuerich.
Visit  MoleExpert home  New nevus check (melanoma screening) software for home use.
Visit  MoleExpert pro  New nevus check (melanoma screening) software for professional use.
Visit  MoleExpert micro  New software for the analysis of pigmented skin lesions.
Visit  UVScan  Tool for visualisation of skin damages
Visit  ImageDB med  The new image database for dermatology incl. coding of site and diagnosis. Optimized for Nikon Coolpix cameras.
Visit  ImageOverlay  Tool for visualisation of skin changes. Capable for nevus checks and cosmetic imaging.
Visit  TrichoScan  Software Trichogram using your computer.

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